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Whimshurt Machine

Whimshurt Machine
Whimshurt Machine
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Product Code : 3131-01
Product Description
For generating static
electric       charges
and causing electric
discharges. Relative
to Van de Graaf it
produces        higher
current with lower
voltage. Consists of
two high resistance
plastic disks of
diameter        25mm
approx, with equally
spaced metal sectors.
The      discs     are
supported in two rigid
upright      supports,
rotating in opposite directions with a hand crank. Provided with a
system of induced charge collecting brushes, adjustable ball-ended
electrodes and cylindrical Leyden jar capacitors for obtaining higher
potential. Produces substantial opposite charges which are deposited
in the capacitors and on metal spheres. A rapid sequence of sparks
can be generated by lowering the system’s capacitance. Mounted on
insulated wooden base.