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Company Profile

Since our inception over 3.5 decades back, SADANA BROTHERS have been acknowledged as highly reliable manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of a wide gamut of Electrophoresis Power Supply, Tripod Magnifier Stool Type Table Top, Microscope Slides With Depression, Hand Microtome Simple, Scalpel Blades and many more.  Widely serving the domain of Electricity and Magnetic Instruments, Science Instruments and Biology Instrument we provide our products for vast usage in the medical sector. All our products are fabricated using optimum quality raw materials and high end technologies which are properly adapted by our team of adepts for accurate range of products. We have earned an ISO 9001:2000 certification and credit rating from D&B. Our clients attain complete satisfaction from our produce and we regularly strive towards the same for ethical business practices.

Business Type

Manufacturer & Exporter,

Year of Inception


No. of Employees


Export Markets

USA, UK, Middle East & Africa

No. of Production Units



UTI Bank & ICICI Bank

Production Type

Semi Automatic

Standard Certification

ISO 9001:2000 certified

Credit Rating

Yes, D&B

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  • Vast Arena of Product
  • Eminent Support of Expert Professionals
  • Sound Infrastructural Availability
  • Efficient Service Solutions
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Wide Distribution Network

Product Portfolio:

Biology & Earth Science:

  • Dial Type Humidity Temperature Indicator
  • Dissection Set Basic
  • Tripod Magnifier, Stool Type
  • Magnifier, Tripod, Large
  • Microscope Slide Box, Plastic
  • Scissors, Dissecting , Straight
  • Bone Shears (bone Cutting Forceps)
  • Scalpel Handles (surgical Handles)


  • Conductivity Rod Set
  • Liquid Convection Apparatus
  • Rivets
  • Steam Generator-Copper
  • Gas Convection Apparatus (Ventilation Apparatus, Convection Box)
  • Steam Trap (Water Trap)
  • Conductometer, Five Rod Form
  • Ingen Hauz Apparatus


  • Charles Law(Constant Volume Thermometer)
  • Falling Bodies
  • Fraction Circle Set
  • Geoboard
  • Mass Set, Hexagonal
  • Opisometer(Map Measure)
  • Pulley Bench Clamp
  • Water Turbine Apparatus

Porcelain Ware:

  • Beehive Shelves, Porcelain
  • Crucibles Triangles (CLAY Pipe Triangles), Porcelain
  • Educational Grade Porcelain Ware
  • Mercury Troughs, Porcelain
  • Pestle And Mortar Sets, Porcelain
  • Porous Pots, Empty, Porcelain
  • Spotting Plates, Porcelain
  • Crucibles, Tall Form, Porcelain

Laboratory Ware:

  • Alcohal Burner (LAMP), Glass
  • Angular Alcohol Burner
  • Atomic Model Set
  • Atomic Model Set (NEW Design)

Electricity & Magnetism:

  • Flemming's Left Hand Rule
  • Gas Voltameter
  • Low Voltage Power Supply
  • Magnets, Rectangular Bar, Steel
  • Motor Demonstration D.C.
  • Mounted Components
  • Magnets, Horseshoe, Steel
  • Mounted Components Various On Base


  • Adjustable Slit On Stand
  • Lenses Spherical, Unmounted, Bi- Convex Lens
  • Magnifier Folding, Triple Lens Model
  • Semi Circular Mirror Metal
  • Spectrum Tube Stand
  • Young's Slit
  • Lenses Spherical, Unmounted, Bi-Concave Lens
  • Lens, Demonstration Set, Glass


  • Tuning Forks, Aluminum
  • Wave Demonstration
  • Adjustable Tuning Fork
  • Sympathetic Differential Forks
  • Doppler Effects Demonstration
  • Bell In Jar
  • Sonometer, Wood, Table Model
  • Somometer On Board


  • Adaptors, Cone/Screw Thread
  • Air Condensers
  • Air Leak Tube/Gas Inlet Tube
  • Allihn Condensers (BULB Condenser)
  • Beakers Tall Form, Graduated
  • Beakers, Low Form, Graduated
  • Bends, Plain
  • Bottles, B.O.D.

  • Beakers With Handle , Griffin, Tall From (PITCHERS) Polypropylene
  • Beakers, Griffin, Polypropylene
  • Brushes, Test Tube
  • Bunsen Burner, Propane Gas